Throwback Poems

I was going through some of my writings/doodlings and came across some poems from a few years ago.


This isn’t the most mature or fabulous poem I’ve ever written, but for some reason, I just like it. 🙂 



I walk slowly behind my shadow,
I take cover behind my stare,
I hide behind blue eyes,
And camouflage myself with hair.
I look before I step;
I’m never off the ground to leap.
I sit before I stand,
And I think before I speak.
But I’m not scared of dying,
Or falling from a plane;
I’m not afraid of lions,
Or lightning in the rain.
Can you guess my biggest fear?
One darker than the night?
I think I’m scared of living.
My biggest fear is Life.
That’s what I thought before we met,
That Life could cause me the most pain;
That only Life could disappoint me,
Or leave me in the hardest way.
But my biggest fear’s not Life,
It’s saying what I know is true.
My biggest fear is Loving,
And my second fear is You.

I also like the poem below. I wrote it a few years ago, and I still live by it. I’m a sing-songy  writer, if you didn’t notice ☺️


Enlightened are those who control their thoughts.
Humbled are those who know their faults.
Happy are those who choose to be.
Thankful are those who know their needs.
Evolving are those who know their seasons.
Educated are those who know the reasons.
Wise are those who know oneself.
Intelligent are those who study all else.
Hopeful are those who choose to believe.
Blessed are those who know all these.




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