Artful Attempts

As I stated in my “about me”, I tend to get these random ideas which lead me to becoming a “jack of trades, master of none”. One of those “ideas” was that I wanted to become a fine artist (for fun). Granted, I had absolutely NO experience with working with any medium, much less charcoal or pastels, but that didn’t stop me! I ordered a J.D. Hillberry’s book Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil and got started, truly not knowing what I was getting into at the time! I have always been interested in art and artists, and J.D. is one of my favorite contemporary artists. If you are unfamiliar with his work, you can follow him on Facebook here: J.D. Hillberry – Facebook.

I only drew 8 pieces total (4 with charcoal and 4 with charcoal/pastels) before I gave it up because it is so time consuming and difficult! However, I definitely plan on getting back into it after I complete my Master’s degree (just for fun). The level of respect I have for artists is so much greater now that I have attempted to do what they do. It is so difficult, and time consuming, but at the same time I loved how meditative, fun, and rewarding it could be become. I’ll never be an actual artist but we all should draw, sing, and dance to our hearts desire for fun – regardless of level!

Here are two of the charcoal pieces I completed. They could use some work, but I honestly was surprised that they weren’t horrible given that I’m a beginner! I actually like the “eye” a lot.

Here are two of the pastel pieces I completed. I don’t like them as much, but I actually had more fun doing these than the charcoal pieces.


I want to try out colored pencils next! (Um, I’ve never even colored in a coloring book with them but OH WELL!)

Only one more year to go, BU! 🙂

You don’t have to be good to try or have fun – the arts (fine and performing) are for everyone to enjoy. They are such a part of being human.

If you’re into art, you may enjoy the works of Alyssa Monks. She is an amazing painter. I also quite enjoyed her TED Talk. Watch it below:

Alyssa Monks TED Talk: The Beautiful Awful

Here is one of my favorite paintings of hers, Synthesis. I have shared it courtesy of her Facebook page.



Thank you for reading.


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  1. Beautiful art! I got to this page by means of the archives widget, nice work


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