Photo Fun


Another fun activity I like to partake in is Photography. While going through undergrad, I worked two part-time jobs: one as a marketing coordinator for a doctor’s office, and one as a photographer for Sears Portrait Studio. Although I think we can all agree that Sears was never known for the splendor of its portraits, it did introduce me to a new art, and I fell in love. Soon after graduating I started a business called My Imagenation Photography. (Yes, I intentionally played the word “imagination” so that it could also read “image nation”. I never claimed that I wasn’t nerdy!) I have taken a break from this while I am in school, but I’ll start taking clients again upon graduation. It is such fun!

I’ll share a few shots!


Remember: you’re only limited by your “imagenation”. See what I did there? I also never claimed to be cool. 🙂

I’m currently working with a Canon 7D, but believe I’ll update soon. If you have any camera suggestions, please free to share! I have been eyeing the 5D Mark IV.


Thanks for viewing.

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