Literary Lines

So, I have a lot of things I want to try in life. One of them is penning a trilogy. I like to blame all of my unfinished projects on the fact that I am working a salaried position while in grad school – who’s with me? It’s a great excuse. I cannot wait to dive back into the trilogy and write. I developed the full synopsis prior to starting, so I am excited to see my ending come into fruition. I have completed about 200 pages thus far. It’s a romance that turns into a bit of a mystery. It’s about a girl who recently graduates undergrad with the anticipation of marrying her college sweetheart that following summer. Unfortunately he dumps her just months prior to the scheduled nuptials. Having the honeymoon already planned, she takes the trip with her female best friend. She ends up meeting a man on a cruise and long story short, they end up continuing their relationship after the ship docks. She soon finds out he is married. But not all marriages are equal…

That’s all I’ll share for now.

Because I like writing poetry, I have incorporated some into the novel. The below poem is the novel’s prologue.


You’ll never sink,

If you never swim.

So hold your breath,

But don’t dive in.

Cause Danger’s shown to us through fear,

to save your heart from future tears…

You’ll never fall,

If you never fly.

So hold your wings,

And stay inside.

Cause Pain is never worth the ride…


Do any of you like writing novels or poetry in your spare time?

Little known fact: Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite poet. I am such a happy person, but I’m intrigued by the darkness!

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  1. Your story sounds really great! I always start and stop writing my novels. I have so many ideas, but never enough time to get them down the way I want to. Maybe one day! =)

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